Search Engine Strategies San Jose ’08

Analytics & MultiVariable Testing

People are extremely goal driven, they have questions in their mind when visiting a website (“Pay Per,” 2008). Yet, 67% of customers leave a site because there wasn’t enough information for the product or service that they were originally searching (“Pay Per,” 2008). The bounce rates are viewable (“What’s new,” 2008) and understood by using Google Analytics, which allows you to see missed opportunities. You can then add more content or pages based on the keywords that people are searching (“Pay Per,” 2008) to draw more traffic and to help customers answer their questions. We can set measurable goals in Google Analytics to strive for better page views or any other variable (“What’s new,” 2008). In addition, you can use Google Website Optimizer to conduct a multivariable a/b testing combination where you measure your original page content against some variable that has been changed to determine its optimization effect (“Pay Per,” 2008). For example, you can place credible icons and company affiliations in prominent locations of your website (“Landing Page,” 2008).

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Google Dance

I was there and it was a lot of fun. There was tons of people bus loaded to the Google Headquarters. Attendees were given Google Dance t-shirts and candy. There was a lot to do like play volleyball, eat, try karaoke, socialize or dance. They had at least four open bars serving beer and wine. There was a virtual gaming station. Google also had a smoothie bar, which served yummy fruit drinks! They had an open outside dance floor. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting attendees.

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