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I Am Wanted By 8 Recruiters

Monday, February 4th, 2008

I am a business owner first but within the online marketing space it seems that the supply for web marketing talent is quite limited.  I have been approached by eight (8) total recruiters within a 6 month span: three (3) from the San Francisco Bay area, two (2) from the Los Angeles area and three (3) within Santa Barbara County.  I have had three (3) corporate recruiters at public companies seek my interest including: ValueClick, QAD and Veeco.  I do feel like a pioneer as it has taken corporations so many years to finally establish a position within SEO and SEM.  These companies are creating Web Marketing Specialist jobs and Search Engine Optimization Specialist positions.  Many of these recruiters are still learning.  They do not know what the job really entails.  They seek my advice.  I hear them jot down notes on their computer.  I think these recruiters are not specialized within the online marketing space but are generalists, which is somewhat unfortunate for the company that they represent.  The reason is that a generalist of a recruiter will not know what really works within online marketing and thus not truly recruit or hire the right person but merely recruit or hire based on personality likes, it is all subjective.  For this reason, I am continuing to build one customer at a time until there is a recruiter who knows what to look for and does not seek free advice.  Or, I may build my own boutique recruiting practice and specialize within this demanding space.